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Our Kerala is filled with natural beauty and keralacafe will bring it to you in the largest web gallery of Kerala pictures on the World Wide Web. There are over 900 pictures in the database and more will be coming soon. All these pictures are originally 10.1 mega pixel pictures which have been converted to a smaller size so it can be easily viewed on the web. We hope you enjoy these pictures and hope it brings you closer to Kerala. Personally I would like to say that looking at pictures is more meaningful than Kerala videos. It is the details and the split second that is captured in the film that brings everything alive. I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures as more will be added as it is taken. We also plan to release some of the videos taken in India and some are already listed on YOU TUBE. You can use the category buttons on the right side to visit each section filled with pictures.

Please use the site to view pictures only. Do not take pictures form this site without permission and place them on your sites. It cost money and a lot of time to take and get these pictures on the web. If you notice any of these pictures from this site on other sites please report the site to keralacafe administrator.



















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