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The northern most district of Kerala, Kasaragod is situated on the sea coast bordered by hilly Kodagu and Mangalore districts of Karnataka in the east and north. Kasaragod is known as the land of gods, forts, rivers, hills and beautiful beaches. The fort at Bekal is the largest and best preserved in the State. Kasaragod displays a variety of styles in temple architecture - the unique style of the Madhur Mahaganapathy Temple, the typical Kerala style of the historic Malik Deenar Great Juma Masjid and so on speak volumes about the rich cultural heritage of the region. Kasaragod is world renowned for its coir and handloom industries. Fishing is a prime source of livelihood.


BeachesKappil Beach
Kanwatheertha Beach


Bekal Fort and Beach
Kanhangad/Hosdurg Fort

Picnic Spots

Bekal Hole Aqua Park
Pandiyan Kallu

Religious Places

Edneer Mutt
Ananthapura Lake Temple
Sree Mahalingeswara Temple, Adoor
Madiyankulam Durga Temple
Madhur Temple
Tulur Vanam
Malik Deenar Mosque
Bela Church




Kappil Beach

Remote and secluded this sun-drenched beach is a perfect getaway after a hectic tour of the nearby Bekal Fort, some six kms away. The Kodi cliff nearby offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. This place is about 12 km from Kasorgod town and about 200 km from Karipur International Airport, Kozhikode.

Kanwatheertha Beach

A large swimming pool-like formation of the sea on the vast beach is the main attraction. It is 3 km away from Manjeswaram.


Bekal Fort and Beach

Kasaragod is a beautiful town poised at the northern extreme of Kerala State. 16 kms south of the town on the National Highway, is the largest and best preserved fort in the whole of the Kerala, surrounded by a splendid beach. Shaped like a giant keyhole, the historic Bekal fort offers a superb view of the Arabian Sea from its tall observation towers, where a few centuries ago huge cannons used to be placed. Nearby is an old mosque said to have been built by the valiant Tipu Sultan of Mysore. Built by the rulers of ancient Kadampa dynasty, the fort changed hands over the years to the Kolathiri Rajas, the Vijayanagar empire, Tipu Sultan and finally, the British East India Company. Today, the Bekal fort and its surroundings is fast becoming an international tourist destination and a favorite shooting locale for film makers. Bekal is also one among the five centres selected by the Government of India to be developed into a 'Special Tourism Area'. This place is about 16 km from Kasorgod town and about 200 km from Karipur International Airport, Kozhikode.




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